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Welcome to Mu Nemesis project!
Server launch will be 16th October 2020.



Starter bonus:

  • Full Seal
  • Early Gear
  • Small Wings


Opening Time:
[GMT -5 18:00 - Peru]
[GMT -3 20:00 - Server Time, Brazil, Argentina]
[GMT +7 06:00 - Vietnam]
[GMT +8 7:00 - Phillipines]

Check our countdown.

More information about the server on INFO page.

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Server Info

VersionSeason 15
Master Experience35x
Total Accounts139
Total Characters172
Total Guilds1
Online Users43

Top Level+

GodSlayerMaster Slayer679
RafaelFist Master679
BufEEntaHigh Elf678
CaosDimension Master676
RagnarGrand Master669